Innova Flanders brought together +1000 people to talk about innovation and how to make it a reality

Three days; world-class speakers; breakout sessions with experts; innovators from Albania, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, the UK, and the US, all gathered around innovation. This was the first version of Innova Flanders 2022, the leading innovation, education, and inspiration event.

This innovation marathon was held from June 15th until 17th in Ghent, Belgium, and had outstanding speakers that make Innova the leading global innovation event. This year, +1.000 attendees from more than 19 countries participated in Innova Flanders 2022.

The keynote speeches were the highlight of the event. World-class speakers made us think about innovation and the future of different industries and trends. Nicola Palmarini from NICA, Joyce & Raissa De Hass from Double Dutch, Babatunde Akindele from Verizon, and Joan Van Loon from IBM were just some of the 50 speakers who joined us and talked about aging and longevity, how to grow your business and innovate at the same time, healthcare and industry 4.0.

The opening night captivated more than 600 attendees at the Bijloke Concert Hall, with an extraordinary concert by Lumen Symphonicum – conducted by David De Geest.  Stellar participants like the Minister-President of Flanders, the Flemish Minister of Culture, Jan Jambon; the Mayor of Ghent, Mathias De Clerq, and H.R.H. Prins Laurent of Belgium were there. On an unforgettable night, the public enjoyed famous soundtracks such as Star Wars, Robin Hood, James Bond, and The Lord of the Rings, among others.

Finally, a Masterclass was carried out by Innovation Guru, Hitendra Patel, Director of the Global Innovation Management Institute. Participants started their learning path to understand business innovation, gain confidence to work in ambiguity and uncertainty, learn basic processes and tools for business innovation, generate new growth options and execute ideas.

Networking meetings
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